You went to the doctor for treatment of your illness.  Instead of getting better, you got worse and blame your physician.  Maybe you think that your doctor could have done more and that could be true.  However, people get sick and some never recover, but that does not mean that medical malpractice occurred.

Virginia medical malpractice claims are some of the most difficult cases to prove.  According to studies, only about 23 to 39 percent of cases will be successful when tried in front of a jury.  These cases are challenging because you have to prove that your doctor or hospital strayed so far away from the accepted standards in the medical field that you ended up becoming injured.  That’s not enough to win your case though.  You also have to show that the medical provider’s negligence was the main cause of your injury.

Expert testimony is used to prove medical malpractice claims.  That means that a doctor in the same type of medical practice has to be willing to say that the defendant’s conduct fell below accepted standards.  Mistakes happen and unfortunately, that is not sufficient to win your case.  The mistake has to be major, resulting in serious injuries.

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