You really have to pay attention to the "advice" you get on the Internet, especially when it comes to buying car insurance.

Recently, Yahoo ran an article on car insurance.

In it, they suggested that a way to save money on your policy is to consider dropping your uninsured motorist coverage.

Its about the dumbest thing I ever heard of.

1. There are more people than ever driving without insurance or driving with minimal insurance.

2. If you are put into the hospital, you can run through tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in a heartbeat.

3. Uninsured motorist coverage is about as cheap a coverage as you can get, in most cases adding no more than $100 a year to your policy.

Like most car insurance salespeople, Yahoo is giving really bad advice when it comes to uninsured motorist coverage.

Here's a video where I explain why most car insurance salespeople are committing malpractice when it comes to uninsured motorist coverage.

Here's a victim of a drunk driver who wishes she had not listened to her insurance company and had insttead listened to Ben Glass.


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