World's Worst Long-Term Disability Policy?

We represent a former employee of Verizon.

He thought he had "long-term disability coverage".

What he really got was a minimalist policy that has some of the most benefit limiting language we've ever seen.

Honestly, Verizon needs to warn folks that they bought a crappy policy

Verizon basically wants to limit most claims to one year of benefits.

Here's the language

Limitation For Disabilities Due to Particular Conditions
You are covered for 12 months of Disability during your lifetime if you are Disabled due to a:
2. Neuromusculoskeletal and soft tissue disorder including, but not limited to, any disease or disorder of the spine or extremities and their surrounding soft tissue; including sprains and strains of joints and adjacent muscles, unless the Disability has objective evidence of:
c. radiculopathies;
Glossary of Terms Used in This Section
Spinal: Components of the bony spine or spinal cord.
Radiculopathies: Disease of the peripheral nerve roots supported by objective clinical findings of nerve pathology.
Courts have upheld this one year limitation pointing out that its not the insurance company's fault that the employer, Verizon, chose such a crappy policy for their employees.
Best time to look at your employer's policy is BEFORE you have a claim. If you live in Virginia we'll review it for free for you.
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