We review hundreds of car accident claims a year. In many cases we tell the caller to go and try to settle the case themselves, because hiring an attorney isn't going to help them much. Some want to argue but facts are facts. Based on jury verdicts over the last few years in Northern Virginia here is a recipe for a low settlement for your personal injury case:

  1. No or low visible property damage to the vehicles. If you want to point out "scratches" to your bumper you aren't going to get a big settlement
  2. No immediate medical care.
  3. You sought care from a chiropractor. Chiropractors may be great but local juries don't value their care and, if you get prolonged care they'll even be suspicious that the chiropractor hurt you more.
  4. A gap in treatment. Its doesn't matter WHY you didn't get any treatment for two months in a row, the jury won't likely give you money for treatment after the "gap."
  5. You have a history of chiropractic care BEFORE the accident. Tell the jury that you were getting "maintenance" for "minor aches" and they'll think you have an abnormally low tolerance for pain.

Argue if you like. Facts are facts.

You can read more in How to Settle Your Car Accident Case Without an Attorney.

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