Recently, we’ve had multiple clients come into our office with similar stories.  They were driving safely.  They were hit by a negligent driver, and through no fault of their own.  And the insurance company denied their claim anyway.  Luckily, instead of just taking “no” for an answer, they called us. 

Look, if you’ve been seriously injured, and you feel that you’ve done nothing wrong, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t call an attorney to get an opinion about your case.  In Virginia, your personal injury claim has a statute of limitations (generally, two years, but in limited cases, shorter).  If you let the statute run, you lose. 

No matter who tells you “no,” if you believe you have a claim, you must pursue it or forever waive it. 

I’ve had cases where even police officers have told my clients that they don’t have a claim.  But, through some hard work, we were able to get them the result they deserve. 

Obviously, every case is different.  And with contributory negligence, the deck is already stacked against Plaintiffs.  But given that most attorneys offer free consultations, you’ve got nothing to lose.  

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