When doctors developed the intravenous or IV system they did so to make it easier on both patient and doctor to administer fluid medication. Unfortunately, with any sort of convenience, humans tend to get lazy, and when medical staff become too reliant on the IV system to do most of the work for them, errors can occur.

IV errors are serious as they can be both damaging to the physical injection site and to the entire body if it is an error in the medication administered. Because it's so easy to just hang a bag up and plug it in, many types of IV errors result in the wrong medication or dosage being given to a patient.

When IV errors occur at the physical site of the vein, they're known as extravasation injuries. These injuries are when the fluid leaks outside of the vein and into the surrounding tissue, which can cause irritation, scarring, loss of limb function, the need for amputation, and even death.

The key to preventing serious damage from any type of IV error is to receive treatment for the injury in a timely manner. Failure to diagnose an extravasation injury or failure to acknowledge and correct a medication error can have life-changing consequences for a patient.

IV errors can cause serious injury to a patient and even result in death if they are not quickly identified and tended to. If you or a loved one has suffered serious damage from an IV error you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim to hold the medical staff or hospital liable for your damages. 

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