If you had to explain the steps involved in a Herndon personal injury claim, would you be able to do it? Unless you are an attorney, the answer is more than likely “no.”  Yet, when you are involved in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you do need to become familiar with the legal process. After all, knowledge is power.

Key Aspects in Herndon Car Crash Cases
The following are some of the key aspects of a personal injury case:
  1. Your attorney will assist you with gathering all of the facts and medical records pertaining to your case. This information is crucial in determining the value of your claim.
  2. Once your medical treatment has ended and the necessary information has been gathered, your lawyer will work with you to create a settlement strategy with the insurance company.
  3. If the insurance company makes an offer, you and your attorney will need to review it. Also, it is important to compare this offer to what you might receive at trial.
  4. A lawsuit may be filed. Your Herndon personal injury lawyer shouldn’t wait until the statute of limitations is about to expire to file the lawsuit.
  5. After a lawsuit has been filed, the discovery phase begins. This is the opportunity to investigate what the other party might say at trial.

The majority of personal injury cases do settle outside of court. For more information, contact an experienced Herndon car accident attorney and order a free copy of the book, Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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