It will not be just your own insurance company you deal with when you settle your case on your own. If the other person in your accident case had any kind of insurance (car, property, etc.), he or she probably reported the accident to their insurance company. Because you exchanged information at the scene of the accident, the other driver’s insurance company is going to contact you. 

One of the first things any insurance adjuster will do when gathering details about your claim is to catch you off guard. The sad truth of insurance companies is that they’re really not excited about having to pay out full accident claim settlements. In fact, they’ve developed methods to decrease your settlement amount by getting you to admit the accident wasn’t as bad as you said or admitting that you were partially at fault. 

You never know when the insurance companies will contact you, which is why it’s good to keep an “accident case file” close by. Keep copies of your police report, witness information, medical history and current medical bills, so you have them on hand when necessary. Remember to stick to just the facts when discussing your accident. 

Talking to the insurance companies is just the start of settling your accident case without a lawyer. There’s a lot to do immediately following a serious accident, but as long as you keep a level head and take things step by step, you can come out on top. 

Why Hire a Lawyer to Settle Your Accident Case When You Don’t Need One? 

It may sound crazy, but I want you to succeed in settling your accident case WITHOUT a lawyer. Why? As much as I’d love to help every client that comes into my office, I just don’t have that kind of time. What I did have time for is writing a fantastic guide to how you can help your own case. 

If you think you’re ready to handle your accident case on your own, I encourage you to visit my website and download a FREE digital copy of my book Get It Settled! The Accident Victim’s Guide to Settling Your Case without Hiring a Lawyer. Of course, I won’t leave my clients hanging in the wind; if you think you really need a lawyer to help you settle your case, contact Ben Glass Law at our website, or give us a call at 703-584-7277, and we’ll set up a consultation.

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