The designation “Best Lawyer” is typically reserved for those ranked by the Best Lawyers in America publication – any attorney who claims in his or her lawyer credentials to be “the best” should be prepared to point out his or her name on this prestigious directory.

I’m one of the few Fairfax personal injury attorneys honored to call themselves one of the best lawyers in the area. How did I get this ranking? A fellow attorney also ranked by Best Lawyers nominated me and I had to prove myself to the board before I could display the badge on my website as part of my lawyer credentials.

Paid Lawyer Ranking on Best Lawyer Sites

Did you know that you can pay a website to say you’re the best? It doesn’t take much on the Internet to get someone else to say you’re the best lawyer, best plumber, best doctor – even other buzzwords like “expert” and “guru” are a dime a dozen online.

Well, maybe not a dime – lawyer ads can get expensive. Many lawyer directories have paid ranking spots that help law firms appear at the top of searches for attorneys in a practice or geographical location. I’ve even seen some law firms masquerading as a directory to find the best lawyer in your area. They’re nothing but self-promotional propaganda – not a sign of quality legal help.

How to Find a Lawyer with Credentials that Aren’t Bought

I get solicitations to be listed in legal directories all the time and the two most difficult credentials they require are proof you’re bar certified and that you have a valid credit card. That’s it. They don’t care that I’m an AVVO Top Attorney with a 10/10 score, or that I’m certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Just that my payment processes.

Since I’m telling you not to rely on lawyer directories, take a look at my five steps to find the best lawyer for your case and you’ll learn that a little legwork could improve your chances of hiring a good attorney for your case.

Finding the Best Lawyer for Your Case Is Tough

To help you make a more informed decision and figure out the best way to find a lawyer, I wrote the book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising. Be sure to request a FREE copy by visiting my website ocall 703-584-7277. Learn more about bad lawyer ads!

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