What is the Loudoun Medical Group?

Loudoun Medical Group is a multi-specialty physician medical group in Northern Virginia. It has over 70 local medical practices under its "umbrella."

Why is knowing this important?

Because if you think you have a medical malpractice claim it turns out that you don't sue the name of the group you actually went to, like "XYZ Primary Care Physicians" or "Loudoun Dermatology Associates". What's most interesting is that you can't really tell that Loudoun Medical Group actually owns the practice until you do some digging. It won't be obvious from the medical records, medical forms or the practice's website.

If you sue the name of one of their over 70 groups, you will be met with a "Motion to Correct Misnomer", or even a "Motion to Dismiss."

In Virginia, a "misnomer" is when you sue the right person (or corporate entity) but you use the wrong name. By law, you should be able to simply change the name on the pleadings.

Here's the Loudoun Medical Group Annual Report for 2012.

Here are the practices that don't really even "exist" on their own. They are all part of Loudoun Medical Group. If you find yourself having to sue any of them you should not name the actual practice as a defendant - you may be met with a motion to dismiss.

Advanced ENT Specialists

Akhtar, Nauman J.     

Alexandria WomenCare        

Ashburn Pediatrics

Ashburn Sterling Internal Medicine & Pediatrics  

Breast Care Consultants of Northern Virginia

Center for Spinal Surgery & Spinal Disorders

Chadha, Vijay MD

Coleman Primary Care

Corporate Health Center

 Digestive Disease Physicians     

Dulles Medical Group     

GI Endoscopy Center of Northern Virginia

Family Allergy and Asthma Associates      

Family Allergy Center

Family Medicine Associates of Alexandria               

Foster, G. Neil MD

Gavin, Matthew B.                                                            

Infectious Diseases: Tropical Medicine & Travelers Health

Integrative Family Medicine Center 

Iyer Clinic

Kavanagh, Michael MD

Kingstowne Internal Medicine      

Lansdowne Medspa

Leesburg/Sterling Family Practice        

Loudoun Acupuncture Clinic       

Loudoun Community Midwives                    

Loudoun Dermatology Associates

Loudoun Gastroenterology

Loudoun Gynecology Associates 

Loudoun Internal Medicine Associates

Loudoun Medical Group Immediate & Primary Care Center       

Loudoun OBGYN             

Loudoun Pediatric Associates 

Loudoun Rheumatology Center

Loudoun Spine & Rehabilitation

Loudoun Surgical

Loudoun Travel Clinic

Loudoun Valley Family Practice

Mancini & Korkowski MD’s

M.D. VIP-Medical Doctor Value in Prevention         

Metropolitan ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

Mitchell, Whittaker and Wu, MD’s

Mountcastle Plastic Surgery and Vein Institute

MountainView Medical Associates               

Nekoba, Jeffrey K. 

Nemeth, Richard MD

Neurology  Consultant Services    

Northern Virginia ENT Associates

Optimum Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery Institute

Pediatric Healthcare             

Physicians Practice & Research, LLC           

Potomac Family Practice               

Skin Cancer Center of Northern Virginia  

Sterling Family Practice 

Surgical Specialists of Northern Virginia  

The Urology Group          

Virginia Medical Arts Clinic


Here's the law on the correction of misnomer in Virginia:

§ 8.01-6. Amending pleading; relation back to original pleading
A misnomer in any pleading may, on the motion of any party, and on affidavit of the right name, be amended by inserting the right name. An amendment changing the party against whom a claim is asserted, whether to correct a misnomer or otherwise, relates back to the date of the original pleading if (i) the claim asserted in the amended pleading arose out of the conduct, transaction, or occurrence set forth in the original pleading, (ii) within the limitations period prescribed for commencing the action against the party to be brought in by the amendment, that party or its agent received notice of the institution of the action, (iii) that party will not be prejudiced in maintaining a defense on the merits, and (iv) that party knew or should have known that but for a mistake concerning the identity of the proper party, the action would have been brought against that party.
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