Often times, I have clients concerned because they come in with a police report which is incorrect. Whether the police report incorrectly stated the details about the accident happened, or it improperly attributes the fault of accident to the prospective client. If this is happened in your case, my advice Is to not be overly concerned.  In many instances, errors in police reports are due to a simple mistake, a misunderstanding of the facts, or just plain carelessness.

Regardless of the cause of the error, it doesn't matter much anyway. In fact in Virginia police reports are not admissible at trial. Any evidence of the accident has to be presented through live testimony. In fact, often times the police officer is not even able to testify about how the accident happened because he was not there to witness it.

Despite this, we always recommend that perspective client bring in the police accident report. It often times gives us, the attorneys, ageneral understanding of how the accident happened. And even when the prospective client points out errors in the accident report, it further helps us to understand the details of the accident.

If you have any questions about your accident report, or your accident in general, so free to give us a call.

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