Well the short of it is that it's very bad for the claim, for the long of it go to my disability FAQ section to figure out how you might be able to remedy the situation.

You can also check out my disability insurance book titled Robbery Without A Gun: Why Your Employer's Long-Term Disability Plan May Be A Scam
Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
I had a shoulder injury and needed a breast reduction b/c of this painfu ordeal, and my doctor made a statement that my breast reduction was not the case for the surgery. There is no other reason. He just doesn't want to get involved. What can I do about this. My intake sheet says I needed this b/c of shoulder surgery.
by Ms. Selena September 9, 2010 at 07:04 PM
I had the same problem as you with many doctors. Long Term Disability insurance companies send doctor lots of forms and paperwork to be filed and letter with their own biased opinion that the person is not disabled to intimidate, manipulate and scare the doctors. It's very hard to find good doctors who will back you up in your disability claim. Some of my doctors will put the diagnosis in the prescription notes but avoid to put it in the records or deny to file forms. That's why I always make copies of every prescription before i use it. That way I have evidence of my conditions. I am in a wheelchair, I'm still applying for social security for the past 3 years and my long term disability is been denied since 2008. I'm still fighting to get it reinstated. Doctors have not been a great help on my case. While the doctors get paid from each visit, and the insurance company's claim adjudicators get paid for denying your claim; one got to suffer by living an extremely poor life with no income and without being able to work, getting denied due to their poor cooperation with paperwork and the insurance scrutiny and greediness to pay. Doctors are afraid of getting involved even when they know you are disabled. It's a very broken system that needs to be fixed. There should be strict laws to enforce doctors to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations with their patients and supporting the patient's real disabilities with this insurance companies. People are starving, losing their homes, getting divorced, braking their families, affecting their kid's lives forever, etc, because they are getting denied their hard earned benefits they deserve. I hope there are changes made to the ERISA laws soon and that more funds are given to Social Security Administration to make the application process faster. The Us government gives free money to foreign countries to help them, why can they do it to help it's own people here? It's ridiculous and unacceptable.
by Chrome November 18, 2009 at 01:50 PM
Can I take my doctors to court? Has this been done for this kind of issue with any results? I have seen many MD's. I was Dx w/West Nile Virus nerve damage by my primary care MD. I was so shocked when he first told me that in disbelief, I said, "A virus can cause this?" His reply was literally, "Yes, most definitely." But as soon as he realized I had disability ins he changed his tune saying that he is not an expert on West Nile and referred me to an infectious disease specialist who advised that West Nile can cause this kind of nerve damage. As soon as he heard about my ins, he changed his tune stating that he did not know enough about West Nile to get involved in ins. (and he is supposed to be the specialist!). Every MD changes their tune as soon as they hear that I have disability ins. It goes the same way each time, at first they say that West Nile has caused this and they explain how it damages the nerves but then when I tell them about my ins, they decide that I need to be referred to someone else who knows more about West Nile Virus. My rheumatologist went so far as to literally lie to Unum unless Unum has lied to me. Unum sent me a letter saying that my rheumatologist reported that he has never seen me for the nerve damage (I have Sjogren's and first saw him for this) but of course I discussed my nerve damage with him. He actually prescribed two anti-inflammatory meds for the pain and swelling after examining me, explaining how this medication could help with the swelling which in turn could help the nerves. Many of my MDs have outright stated that they "do not go to court for anyone and do not get involved in ins issues." I even had a front desk employee from one office tell me that her doctor does not ever get involved in ins, that he will not ever go to court or fill out any ins forms. She told me this as she tells every single person who calls to schedule an appt for the first time because he is a pain mage MD and has had experience with being dragged into court losing valuable time. So, their policy is to advise everyone before they ever come in that he will not ever fill out or sign an ins form or become involved in any way with ins. MD's are protecting ins companies by this behavior. I understand that the MD can lose money and time if he or she has to go to court and by filling out ins forms and by talking to ins companies but MD's have contributed to this problem and should be part of the solution. They need to be held accountable too. I am usually anti-litigation and believe that our society has gone way too extreme with this. But, I do believe that what these MD's and Unum are doing is very wrong. It appears that there are only two ways to get accountability from MD's and ins companies: litigation against both MD's and insurance companies and making new legislation to protect patients and consumers. I may never be compensated monetarily for the damage done by West Nile Virus, Unum and my MD's but I will never give up the fight to stop this from happening to others. It is wrong.
by fran kenyon October 12, 2009 at 03:42 PM
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