Here's the latest in lawsuits clogging up the US court system. Weight Watchers is suing Nestle for allegedly misusing Weight Watchers trademarks including their logo and "points" system. They want to recover for improper profits, triple damages, and have the court halt Nestle's use of their trademarks.

This is a prime example of a frivolous lawsuit. It may not be "frivolous" in the most common use of the word, having no basis. But it is frivolous in that it is an unimportant minor case between two heavy-weights worth millions of dollars that will take time away from other more important court cases. In the long run this case won't matter at all, Weight Watchers will get fractionally richer or everything will stay the same and the companies lose out on legal fees. In the meantime legitimate cases that have real effects on people or businesses are pushed to the back burner. And everyone wonders why the judicial process takes so long!


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I am a Weight Watcher member. I appreciate being able to see the points on Nestle products. It's not like I'm not smart enough to figure the points. It is a convenience to have it on other products. Weight Watchers gets $13 from every member every week. Are they so money hungry that they want to take away something that benefits their members so much? I have to say I'm very disappointed in Weight Watcher's actions on this.
by Sandy November 9, 2009 at 11:46 AM
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