Insurance companies and their lawyers are funny sometimes. First, whenever the lawyers get a file they have to let it "go green." (No kidding - I was just at a high end seminar where there was an panel of defense lawyers and adjusters - this is what they actually said!)

"Going green" means they aren't going to try to get the case settled until they can bill enough money in the file. The more doctors records there are to get (that, by the way, we've already sent them) the more subpoenas they can bill to "prepare" and "mail" and "receive and review" when they come in.

So its no surprise when we got the following response to a demand we sent this month. Mind you, this was sent by a defense attorney with 30 years experience!

Dear Mr. Glass:

We recevied your demand. Honestly we don't even know how to respond to a demand this high.

Sincerely yours,

Defense Attorney

Really? 30 years experience and you don't know "how" to respond?

How about making an offer?

Oh wait. I get it. The file is not "mature" yet.

Keep billing.


Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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