Met with a really nice lady from Chantilly about a week ago. Serious accident - broken arm - she is missing time from work.

She wasn't even thinking about calling a lawyer (she's too busy with doctor appointments and rehabilitation) until the insurance adjuster for the guy who hit her showed up at her door and wanted to "talk settlement."

The adjuster was very nice and explained that "we can take care of all of your medical bills and make sure your lost wages are covered."

When the accident victim asked her "what happens if I can never get back to my occupation (she is in the police department, she has to be able to fire a weapon and wrestle with bad guys) because of the accident" the adjuster minimized her fear.

"Oh," she said, "most everyone with your type of injury recovers 100%", only lazy people won't get back to work."

The alarm bells went off for this victim.

She told me later that she got a "really dark and bad feeling" from that discussion.

She immidiately went on the Internet and found my accident book and took advantage of our free instant download.

Then she read The Truth About Lawyer Advertising and looked at our videos.

She isn't a client yet. She doesn't need to be.

We've armed her with good useful information.

Another thing she "isn't".

She isn't settling that case with the insurance adjuster any time soon.

She's way too smart for that. Isn't giving a general release for her medical records either. Read about that in my book too.

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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