Another case in which an insurance doctor rides the line between ethical an unethical. A doctor for the infamous University Disability Consortium (UDC), Dr. Beth Aaronson, reviewed a file for a claimant who suffered from a left arm disability, temporal lobe epilepsy, protein S deficiency, and deep vein thrombosis.

I suppose it's possible that she missed the last three on that list, which would be grossly negligent, but I trust in Dr. Aaronson's skills and find it much more likely that she ignored them on purpose because she either couldn't contend against them or couldn't bring herself to come up the bogus medical opinion it would take to discount the evidence. Either way, she only addressed the left arm disability. I guess if they can't use whack medicine to discount a claim they just ignore it, great strategy!

I've written more on insurance doctors telling half-truths and outright ignoring complaints .
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