The students of TC Williams are taking a hard stand against adults who purchase alcohol for their underage peers.  They aim to prevent deaths that occur due to underage drinking and driving in Virginia.

The participants of the "Sticker Shock" campaign have banded together and are placing stickers on cases of beer in 60 Northern Virginia convenience stores with a message for the offending adults: if you buy this beer for someone who is underage, you are risking the penalty of up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

The students are hoping they can get adults to stop and think before supplying kids with alcohol.  This is especially important after a survey was done that found that 43% of high school students in Alexandria, Virginia, said that they had alcohol in the last month.

With Halloween and other holidays just around the corner, the TC Williams students are hoping to cut off the problem by targeting the suppliers - the adults.

Debbie Sausville, of Alexandria, knows all too well the dangers of underage drinking and driving.  Her step-daughter was killed in a 2004 car crash after she was provided with "two cases of beer and four shots of vodka" by an adult who also allowed her to drive drunk.

Always make sure to talk with your kids about the very real dangers of drunk driving and the consequences that can occur.  And if you are one of the adults out there who is providing underage students with alcohol, we hope you will suffer from some "Sticker Shock" before you make your next purchase.
Ben Glass
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