Virginia Still In Dark Ages with Drunk Drivers

Virginia remains in the dark ages regarding the responsibility of adults to NOT serve alcohol to minors. According to news reports, defendants in a recent Fairfax County civil lawsuit had knowingly served alcohol to minors in their homes. They then allowed the minors to leave the house, driving their cars. One of the cars was then involved in a fatal accident.

Question: which of these theories of liabilities will hold the adults responsible for their negligence? --negligent failure to exercise ordinary care for the safety of minors --negligent failure to assess the age of the minors they were serving alcohol to --child neglect --contributing to the deliquency of a minor

Answer: NONE

Following well established Virginia law, Fairfax County judge Kathleen McKay through out the lawsuit against these adults. Virginia needs to come into the this century. According to an article on liability for serving alcohol, most states impose liability on social hosts where: Alcohol is served to a minor The host was reckless in serving alcohol or should have recognized the extent of the guest’s intoxication and not served him or her more alcohol.

Ben Glass
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