If you’re not from Virginia (and even if you are), you may be surprised that It’s a Class I Misdemeanor to exceed 80 miles per hour.  That’s the same class of crime as DUI, possession of marijuana, and assault. 

Given such harsh penalties, recently, the Virginia Senate passed a bill to increase the maximum speed from 80 mph to 85 mph.  Here’s the link

However, keep in mind, the bill is not yet law and may be defeated down the line

If you’re  a Virginia driver, do you think this is a good idea? Let BenGlassLaw know your thougts.   

To be charged with either careless-driving or reckless-driving due to speed in excess of posted is closely related to punitive damages allowing the insurance industry to take monetary advantage their own customers with outrageous premiums. The court system also can also claim you to be a habitual offender when you have never committed a serious crime... Personally, speed limits should be limited to 60-65 MPH as an effort to reduce serious injuries and a loss of vehicle control.
by Phillip February 24, 2016 at 07:05 PM
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