Wow. On July 1 all those who are convicted of a first time DUI in Virginia are going to be required to have installed one of those "interlock devices" on your car.

Yup, you'll be driving down the road, hear a beep and you'll have to breathe into that thing or your car will stop.

How embarrassing!

That's not all. I recently asked Virginia's premier DUI attorney* Bob Battle what he estimated the cost to someone who is convicted of a first time DUI in Virginia.

What he told me astonished me.

Battle figures that by the time you pay a lawyer, pay court costs and fines, pay your insurance, lose time from work and pay for the interlock device you are looking at about $10,000. (Of course, that probably doesn't include the fact that your car insurance will stay up for a few years and it definitely doesn't include the fact that when your health insurance company finds out you have a habit of driving drunk those rates are going up too!)

That's a ton of cash for doing somethng so stupid.

So you've heard it before and you are going to hear it again. For lots of reasons, don't drink and drive. It may cost you or someone else their life but even if it doesn't a $10,000 hit to your pocketbook is a ton.

*That's my opinion.


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