The Virginia State Bar has reported the revocation of license by consent by former Virginia attorney Shannon Guignon.

According to Guignon's own affidavit, he filed a lawsuit that he later non-suited without hte client's permission. Instead, he told the clients his case was moving along.

He then refiled the case but didn't serve it on anyone. That lead to a dismissal of the case yet he still told the client things were moving along. He admitted to manufacturing documents to send to the client to "prove" the case was moving.

I'm not sure how Guignon thought this would end but it ended in a lawsuit against him, a settlement with his malpractice insurance company, and his disbarrment by consent.

Here's what consumers need to know.

Most (not all, but most) Virginia lawsuits get to trial within one year of filing. If your case is taking more than one year to get to trial after it has been filed you need to know why. Hopefully your lawyer had kept you in the loop the entire way.

If you ever have any doubt, you can visit or call the court to check on the status. The court won't have much specific information but it will be able to tell you if a case has been filed, when it is set for trial, and whether any hearings have been held recently.

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