Chinese drywall has been a hot topic in the news, as homeowners have been complaining about strange gas smells, corrosion of metal objects and the breaking down of appliances and electrical devices in their homes. 

The alleged problem began when drywall that had been manufactured in China was brought into the United States during the housing boom from 2004 through 2006.  This Chinese drywall was mainly used in homes in the Gulf Coast and East Coast.  People eventually started reporting numerous problems and even health issues that they believed were caused by the drywall.  As a result, various lawsuits were filed by homeowners against homebuilders, developers, manufacturers and other parties who were involved with the Chinese drywall.  One of these lawsuits included the case of Germano, et al. v. Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd., et al.

In the case against Taishan, the judge ruled that that the defendant’s negligence injured the plaintiffs’ interests in their real properties.  The court opinion states that Taishan was negligent in “producing a defective product, and that they are entitled to recover the damages proximately caused by the same.”

The plaintiffs’ claims were not barred by Virginia’s economic loss rule.  Based on Virginia law, they can recover the cost of repair and the loss of property value after the repairs have been made. 

You can read more about this case and the court’s opinion here, Drywall Opinion.

If you are a Virginia homeowner who has been harmed by Chinese drywall, you should contact attorney Richard Serpe.  He’ll be able to explain your options.
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