Our office recently settled a case where our Manassas Virginia client was seriously injured in a car accident. He had been rear ended while stopped at a red light. After the accident he had to have multiple surgeries and still suffers from some of the after affects of his injuries.

The person who caused the accident was insured by Allstate. He had purchased only $100,000 of insurance. This means that if he was found responsible to pay damages for injuries he caused, he would only have available $100,000 for any claims.

He was not a person of independent wealth.

Fortunately our client had been smart enough to purchase $500,000 of his own uninsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage is cheap, costing only about $100 per year MORE than $100,000 of coverage.

The case settled for a total of $460,000. This would not have been possible if our client had not had the foresight to purchase adequate uninsured motorist coverage.

We've created a number of educational videos on uninsured motorist coverage.

This video explains uninsured motorist coverage pretty well.

This video explains why most insurance agents are committed malpractice by failing to explain this important coverage to you.



Remember, each case is different. Past results do not guarantee future success. You should consult with an experienced board certified attorney in your area about your case. You should consult with you own insurance agent (and show them my video!!!)



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