Interviewed a very nice man and his 16 year old son the other day. They had been in a car accident several years ago.

They thought they needed a lawyer and saw one advertisied on TV.

His name was Ryan Lahuti and well...what Lahuti didn't tell the client was that he was under investigation by the Feds at the time.

Lahuti ended up going to jail.  He may be out now but his license has been yanked.

Needless to say the car accident victim's case didn't go anywhere. (In fact, the client told me that Lahuti's office continued to mislead him into thinking something was happening right up to the time that he was heading off to jail.)

So then the client got a recomendation for a DUI lawyer here in Fairfax. Problem was that the DUI lawyer didn't know anything about car accident lawsuits. He never even knew to notify the client's car insurance policy and assert an uninsured motorist claim and he didn't seem to know about court deadlines like the deadline for naming experts!

Needless to say, that case went south too!

Fortunately, Virginia law allows you to fire incompetent lawyers and allows you to non-suit your case and start over.

He's starting over with us.

Lessons learned:

1. Hire a board certified, experienced personal injury lawyer.

2. Ask a bunch of questions to qualify any lawyer you hire.

I've thought of nine good ones and you can find them and watch a cute video I created at


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