As I’m sure you have heard, there is a new “game” that kids are “playing” called the “knock out game.”  It essentially involves kids choosing an unsuspecting victim, approaching him or her, and striking that victim with such force that it would knock him or her unconscious.  I’ve dealt with a lot of cases and represented some individuals that have made serious mistakes.  But this “game” truly is appalling.

From what I have seen from surveillance videos, the kids choose victims who are alone, have no way of defending themselves, and often are generally less physically imposing individuals.  In one video, it appears that a kid actually struck a woman, knocking her to the ground, only to see his friends laugh.

So far, I haven’t heard of any victims of the cruel “game” in Virginia.  But for those who think they may want to play it in Virginia – beware - this WILL lead to jail time.

At the very least, such actions will give rise to a misdemeanor assault charge with a possibility of a year in jail.  However, in situations where the victim is injured, I could easily see felony malicious wounding or aggravated malicious wounding charges brought.  In the worst cases, I could easily see murder charges arising.  In any case, jail time will be significant.

What makes this game so disgusting is how cowardly it is.  Look, I’m not angel and made my fair share of mistakes growing up.  And I still make mistakes.  But I can never understand how sucker punching defenseless people can be supported amongst any circle of friends.  If you happen to be a young person, and you hear your friends encouraging this behavior, I think it’s time to get new friends.

For more information about the knock out game in DC, here is the article:

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