Want to make the insurance company happy?  Hire an inexperienced attorney to represent your case.

Here are some things that inexperienced lawyers don’t understand about insurance companies:
  1. The insurance company usually doesn’t mind going to trial.  Many inexperienced lawyers will make threats to the insurance company that if the case isn’t settled, they will take it to court.  This type of threat doesn’t bother most insurance companies. 
  2. Insurers often don’t spend a lot of time negotiating small claims.  An offer is made by the insurance company and if it is not accepted, guess what? The case goes to trial.  It is often that simple.
  3. The insurance company typically won’t scramble to settle the day of trial.  For the most part, the insurance company is not going to come to the realization that a case is worth a lot more than what was previously offered and rush to make a settlement the morning of trial. 

The Virginia personal injury attorney you choose to represent you can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.  Not every attorney who advertises in the Yellow Pages or pays thousands of dollars for outdoor billboards has the necessary experience to handle your case.  You therefore need to do your homework before hiring a lawyer.  You can learn more by ordering the book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising.  This highly controversial book is FREE to Virginia residents.
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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