Big rig truck accidents are routinely reported in the news because they often cause serious injuries and fatalities.  However, other types of truck accidents can be just as dangerous. 

Consider, for example, delivery trucks.  In the age of Internet shopping, delivery trucks such as those driven by large companies like UPS and FedEx, are prevalent on our roadways.

Common Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents
Unlike tractor-trailers, delivery trucks often travel on local roads where there are many other cars, bikers, and pedestrians.  Drivers are required to deliver packages as quickly as possible and are often rushing from stop to stop.  They are also distracted looking for the next house or business for delivery. Each day brings a slightly different route with different stops for most delivery truck drivers, which makes things even more dangerous.

Liability for Delivery Truck Accidents
The delivery truck driver and/or the delivery company that employs that driver may be liable for damages caused in an accident.  An experienced truck accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case and determine the cause of the accident.  Your damages may include compensation for past and future medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost income, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering. Your truck accident lawyer will work hard to provide you with a fair and equitable settlement for your delivery truck accident injuries. 


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