There is a new development called “aging in place” which describes the staggering preference by Americans to stay in their homes rather than using nursing homes. According to U.S News there is a growing amount of behavioral research finds that suggest that people are more likely to remain healthy and stay independent by living at home.  This is assuming of course that they receive the proper care at home that they need.

Laurie Orlov, an expert in the field of aging-in-place and technology reported in her recent “2013 Market Overview” that technology for this recent development is constantly increasing and stated that “between now and 2020, based on growing boomer awareness and their own aging, this market will grow to at least $20 billion.” The technology she focuses on includes those relating to communications and engagement, home safety and security, home health and wellness, learning and social contribution. She explains how these technological advancements will help aging America and will allow them to stay in their homes rather than going to nursing homes.

Finding the right nursing home for you or your loved one can be a very difficult decision. If the wrong facility is chosen it could lead to the neglect or abuse of the patient, perhaps the technological developments discussed in this article will allow people to stay at home rather than having to make this difficult decision. However, if you would like to know more about Virginia Nursing homes and whether or not you believe a nursing home is the right place for your loved one, feel free to download a free copy of A family’s Guide to Choosing the Right Virginia Nursing Home for your loved one or if you or your loved one have been a victim of the neglect caused by a Virginia Nursing home contact attorney Ben Glass to discuss your options. 

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