So this tennis player gets disqualified for injuring a line judge. He thinks that he should not have been disqualified because, "hey, players sometimes get upset."

That's a bunch of bull and every sane person knows it. If you deliberately injure an opponent or sports official involved in a game you are playing you risk obvious disqualification from that game and suspension from future games, you also risk criminal and civil penalties.

In one Michigan case a soccer player was charged with a misdemeanor for punching a referee.

Here's a short primer on assaults of game officials.

Playing a sport does not immunize you from claims for your deliberate attempts to injure another.

Our office is investigating two local soccer injury cases. One involves a punch to the face and another a kick to the groin. In both these cases the defendants are likely to face at least a significant civil judgment. Their actions will likely not be covered by their homeonwer's insurance policy because they were deliberate acts. The defendants may also have a criminal warrant sworn out against them.



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