Here's our guarantee. Your case is different! The case reported here is not a prediction of a similar outcome for you. You should consult wtih an experienced personal injury attorney to determine what your case is worth. While many small case can be handled by general practictioners you should know that some personal injury lawyers are Nationally Board Certified. You should ask.

We recently settled a case out of our Richmond, Virginia personal injury office. The case was handled jointly with our Richmond of counsel, Bob Battle.

The case arose out of an accident in Chesterfield, VA. Our client was sitting at a stop light when another driver failed to control her vehicle as it was turning into the road our client was on and crashed into her.

Our client suffered a fracture of the orbital wall which ultimately required surgery to repair.

The client came to us after the insurance adjuster offered to meet with her at a McDonalds restaraunt to "settle the case." The client was good enough to realize that her case was complicated and that she needed to speak with an attorney.

She consulted with a Richmond law firm who proposed charging her a "standard" 1/3 contingency fee PLUS 8% for a "file handling" charge. (Yes, an outrageous 41 1/3% to settle a car accident case.)

She hired us and, after negotiations with the insurance company, we were able to settle the case for the full policy limits.

Our fee for car accident cases that are settled more than 90 days before trial is 25%, so she ended up with a lot more money than she likely would have if she had met one-on-one with the insurance adjuster and yes, a lot more than if she had hired the other firm and paid them almost half of her settlement.

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