The insurance company doesn’t want you to know that the forms you were asked to sign could jeopardize your Reston auto accident claim. They sure don’t want to tell you that a recorded statement could be used against you when trying to recover compensation. In fact, the last thing they want you to know is that they might be using tricks to avoid paying your damages.

Now, that is not fair.

It might not seem right that insurance companies are try to avoid paying claims, but you have to remember that insurance is a business. Insurance companies are trying to make a profit and giving out money to satisfy claims doesn’t really help boost that bottom line.

There are many tactics that are commonly used by insurance companies and the only way to protect your claim is to watch of for these tricks. Below is a list of some of the insurance company tricks:

  1. Delaying the payment of claims.
  2. Nickel and diming medical expenses.
  3. Making false promises.
  4. Asking for irrelevant information.
  5. Acting like your friend.

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