I wrote just a few months ago about a rise in pedestrian deaths in Fairfax County and surrounding areas (like Herndon). Now there has been a tragic death in nearby Loudoun County. A 5-month old infant was struck and killed in a crosswalk, while being pushed in a stroller by his mother, who was seriously injured. The Washington Post reports that the man driving the Jeep that hit them may have been looking at his cell phone and tried to drive around them in the crosswalk.

An Auto Accident Caused by Phone Use

As an attorney, I believe everyone is entitled to the best defense possible, because that’s a big part of what makes our legal system as rigorous and fair as it can be. As the father of nine children, I hope they throw the book at this guy. WE KNOW BETTER – we know that distracted driving kills. WE HAVE TO SLOW DOWN – literally and figuratively. Nothing is more important than the life of a precious 5-month old baby and the safety of his mom. It’s true in Fairfax County, it’s true in Loudoun County, it’s true every single time we get in a car anywhere. No excuses!

Protect Your Loved Ones and You Can Avoid a Fatal Accident

Please, be careful out there. Protect yourself and your loved ones – and everyone around you for that matter. Share this post with your teens or with anyone who might think that distracted driving isn’t a big deal because they are “really good at multitasking.” Are you willing to risk the life of someone’s child on that? It seems the rise in pedestrian deaths in Fairfax County is mirrored around our region. We need to turn that around by being extra vigilant, every time we drive a car.


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