A woman in Louisville, Kentucky, has made the allegation that her lawyers referred her to a healthcare provider that they had a relationship with, which ultimately cost her money and deprived her of the right to treatment by her doctors.  The relationship between the law firm and medical provider was allegedly not disclosed.  Sharon Langford filed the lawsuit against the law firm of Winters Yonker & Rousselle and a Louisville clinic.

According to Langford’s claim, she went to see the law firm after a car accident in June 2008.  The law firm allegedly informed Langford that her health insurance company wouldn’t cover her injuries, but that she could get the medical treatment she needed at 1st Physician Rehabilitation Inc.  Langford claims that she was later flown to a Florida clinic for surgery.  Both clinics are owned by Gary Kompothecras, which Langford eventually discovered.  Kompothecras is a chiropractor who also owns the referral service, 1-800-ASK-GARY.  Winters Yonker & Rousselle is one of the law firms in which this service refers business.

Sam Carl, one of Langford’s attorneys, said that the law firm of Winters Yonker & Rousselle settled her case for $200,000, paid itself $70,000 and paid the healthcare providers $64,518.  Langford received $62,738.

Langford said in an interview, “I felt they weren’t honest with me.”

The Kentucky Courier-Journal reviewed court records and discovered several other car accident and slip and fall cases where clients of Winters Yonker & Rousselle received treatment at 1st Physician.

Brian Clear, a former employee of Winters Yonker & Rousselle, said that he worked for the firm for a year signing up clients and that there was an expectation that clients would be sent to 1st Physician or a few other clinics that referred business to them.

This practice that the law firm allegedly became involved in – referring clients to medical providers, has been described in cases as “the kiss of death” by Northern Virginia judges.  Be leery if your lawyer refers you to a physician.
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