Proving Permanent Disability in a Worker's Compensation Case in Virginia

Proving permanent disability in worker's compensationHow do I prove Workers’ Compensation permanent disability in Virginia?

Attorney Michele Lewane is one of Virginia's top workers compensation attorneys, in our view. She's published a "insider's tips"  book for consumers which you can get from her website.

She recently wrote an article about permanent disability in worker's compensation claims. In the article she makes these points:

  • proving permanent disability can be tough. No insurance company wants to quickly pay a permanent disability claim.
  • typical permanent injuries of course include things like spinal cord indury, loss of limb, but there are other types of claims that can qualify.

Michele's main office is in Richmond Virginia but she is available througout the state including through the Ben Glass Law office in Fairfax. Northern Virginia residents can reach her at 703-249-9386.

Richmond area residents can call 804-755-7755.

Outside of either area can call 877-755-7744

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