Have you ever asked yourself, what happens if you cannot afford the costs of your nursing home? Well if you live in the 29 states that have laws making your adult children responsible, then there is your answer. Filial responsibility laws are real. In fact, in May 2012, a Pennsylvania appeals court found that the son of a nursing home’s patient was responsible for her $93,000 bill. The case was called Health Care & Retirement Corporation of America V. Pittas. In this case, John Pitta’s mother left the nursing home and moved to Greece, leaving a large amount of medical debt behind. She then applied to Medicaid in order to cover her care, but the application was still pending. Due to this situation, the nursing home sued and asked her son to pay her debt that amounted to $93,000. The court ruled in favor of the nursing home because under the State’s filial responsibility law, a child must provide support for an indigent parent.

Choosing the right nursing home for you may not only affect you, some nursing homes will take advantage of you and you or your loved one will have to pay for it. If you would like to know more information about how to choose the right nursing home feel free to download a free copy of A family’s Guide to Choosing the Right Virginia Nursing Home for Your Love One or contact Ben Glass if you have any legal concerns regarding a nursing home. 

Ben Glass
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