Without a Fairfax injury lawyer, you’re left to collect evidence yourself. Every state, and even individual counties, have their own rules on who can obtain a police report and how to go about doing so. 

The Fairfax County government has strict rules on the release of police reports. However, when there’s a will, there’s a way, and you can always start with the easily obtainable – an incident verification form. 

An incident verification form can be requested by the: 

  • accident victims;
  • owners of property damaged in the crash; or
  • anyone involved in the accident case. 

Just mail a written request to the Central Records office, or make a request in person at the office, which is located in the Police Annex on Page Avenue. 

There is a $10 fee, but that’s what you will need to submit to the insurance company as evidence the accident occurred. To obtain the full report, you will have to reach out to the attending police officer or subpoena for it – those are the only two options to obtain a full police report. 

While the police report may contain valuable evidence regarding who was at fault for your accident, it’s not always necessary to get one. Even without a full police report, you can often settle your case on your own when you have other evidence such as photographs, medical records, and witness statements.  

A Fairfax Injury Lawyer Can Gather Evidence for an Accident Case – So Can You! 

If you think you’re ready to handle your accident case on your own I encourage you to visit my website and download a FREE digital copy of my book, Get It Settled! The Accident Victim’s Guide to Settling Your Case Without Hiring a Lawyer. Of course, I won’t leave my clients hanging in the wind – if you think you really need a lawyer to help you settle your case, contact Ben Glass Law at our website, or give us a call at 703-584-7277 and we’ll set up a consultation.

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