I blogged a bit ago about the "No Boys To Drive" case from Richmond, VA. That blog post came with the finding by the Supreme Court of Virginia that the case had grounds enough to proceed.

Today, I revisit the case because it was just settled for $1.75 million.

The case stems from a sleepover which only occurred on the condition that the host parents do not allow the guest daughter to ride in any cars with boys driving. The host mother allowed her daughter and her 14-year-old friend to ride with a young male driver who crashed his car, killing the sleepover guest. The parents of the young girl sued the parents of her sleepover host. The case went to the Supreme Court of VA to determine if there was sufficient law to hold the parents negligent. It was determined this past August that it did and now has settled.

As I mentioned in my last blog on this case, it sends a strong message to parents that when you're caring for another person's child, there is an obligation to keep your promises and ensure their child's safety. And now there is very relevant case law to backup any dispute that you can be held responsible in a civil court.
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