People are often confused about which insurance to use after a car accident. Here' s the list in priority order.

1. Your own health insurance if the health care provider is "in network" according to your plan

2. Your auto insurance "medical payment" coverage.

3. The auto insurance company for that "at fault" individual (assuming that you weren't "at fault" in the accident.)

You should be aware that it is a violation of the health insurance contract for an in-network health care provider to insist that you pay cash or use your "medpay" in lieu of putting the claims through your own health insurance plan first. Some will do this because it will mean more money for them. That may be true but it is money coming out of your pocket. Money that you (or your employer) already paid a premium to not have to pay.

It's a little complicated but the rule is NEVER give your "medpay" information to a health care provider who is "in network" on your plan, even if the treatment is because of a car accident.

If you have a question about this or if your health care provider insists, give us a call. We will set them straight.

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