If this lawyer was looking for a way to get in the headlines, I guess he found it.  Jimmy A. Bell, an attorney based in Bowie, is suing a Landover nail salon after visiting the establishment with his lady friend.  Apparently, the pair decided to stop for a quick manicure and pedicure on their way to dinner.  Everything was fine until Mr. Bell was informed of the price. 

Mr. Bell told reporters, “I went to pay the bill while she was letting her nails dry -- and they had charged me $2 more than they charged her.  I said, 'Wait a minute, why am I paying more?' They said, 'Because you're a man.’”

According to Mr. Bell, this salon shouldn’t charge men more money than women.  In fact, he is going as far as seeking $200,000 for the injustice of having to pay a surcharge of $4.  Mr. Bell claims that the local nail salon is making money illegally by charging male patrons a few extra bucks.

Apparently, the incident played a toll on Mr. Bell. He was quoted as saying, “The last thing that I thought would happen to me in this county is that someone would discriminate against me. I couldn't even go to dinner, I was so upset."

Here's my take on this lawsuit - Mr. Bell had the freedom to decide if he wanted to receive the salon services at the price offered.  It is a matter of private contract.  The owner of the nail salon has the right to set the price.  After all, it is her store and her labor. By using his mind he could have avoided having his date night "ruined."
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A great salon should never take advantage of their customers. And I think that this salon is not a great salon.
by Leah September 27, 2011 at 10:35 AM
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