I still can't believe the lies that claims adjusters make to accident victims. I spoke to a potential client last night about her Virginia car accident case. She was rear-ended, and her SUV was totalled. The defendant is insured by a major automobile insurance company with a reputation for being "on your side."

The potential client had given this insurance company authorization to go and poke around in her medical records (probably a bad move--we don't recomend giving insurance companies unfettered access to your medical records--especially when you have not reviewed those records yourself yet. Here's what happened. (Insurance company does not have the records yet but medical bills exceed $5,000)

Call from adjuster to accident victim:

Adjuster: I'd like to offer you $1,400 for your inconvenience to settle your claim.

Victim: How can I settle? I'm not better and I'm not finished treatment.

Adjuster: Most people settle in the first thirty days.

Victim: Why do they settle?

Adjuster: Because if they don't settle in the first thirty days it takes a long time to settle and most people can't afford to go that long without paying their medical bills

Comment from Ben Glass: Not only is this a lie but it borders on the unauthorized practice of law. An attorney advising a client would help the client identify all sources of coverage for the medical bills, including health insurance and medical payments coverage under their own car insurance policy. I've seen enough of these "we'll offer you a little something for your inconvenience" cases to figure out that this is a pattern of conning accident victims in to signing binding releases which protect the insurance company.

You should never sign an insurance company release without understanding what you are giving away. Most personal injury lawyers will chat with you for free to make sure you understand your rights.


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