Continuing in my attempts to provide up-to-date responses to all of your questions here are few new answers to your questions. You can also find them in the FAQ section of the site. Enjoy and remember to submit your questions!

Can the LTD company make me go to court even though I am working again?  If SSD determines that I was not disabled, is it possible that I can still get money from my LTD carrier for the time when I was sick and not working?
Unum has offered me a buyout of $38,000.  I have 10 more years to draw $600/month, so this seems to be a low offer to me. Can they offer more or is this what I would be only entitled to? Is the life insurance I have with them cancelled if I accept the buyout?
I was just approved for Social Security Disability. It took a year, so I will receive a lump sum payment for back benefits. Up until now, Unum paid benefits to me through my former employer's disability policy. Do I have to repay those benefits to Unum or my employer?
I have gotten several conflicting recommendations from my doctor: first that I am not a candidate for surgery and then that I should undergo extensive surgery.  I have filed for SSD and am getting LTD from insurance carrier. If I refuse surgery and go with the first diagnosis what will happen with SSD and LTD?
The insurance company requiring an IME and there are no doctors within a 75 mile radius that does that sort of testing. What should I do to appeal the matter?

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