Often times individuals charged with reckless driving are concerned about how many DMV points they will lose if convicted. In Virginia if convicted of DUI you are receive six (6) demerit points by the DMV. That means if you have a +5 record, after a conviction you will have a -1 record.

If eligible, it is always recommended that you take a driver improvement course to account for those lost points. Keep in mind however that you are only permitted to take one a driver improvement course every two years and still be awarded driving points. Also because reckless driving is a Class I Misdemeanor in Virginia, if you were convicted, you also have to consider that it's not just about the demerit points on your record.

Like any criminal conviction, a reckless driving in Virginia will stay on your criminal record and have long-lasting effects. Therefore, if you are charged with reckless driving feel free to call James Abrenio for additional information at (703) 584-7277.

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