When a situation arises that may involve your legal rights, it is often difficult or expensive to get an answer from an attorney. Just try calling around to law firms, tell whoever answers the phone that you have a quick questions for a lawyer and see what you get. The Virginia State Bar offers some help, but even their FreeLegalAnswers program is limited because you have to qualify by income and they won't answer any question involving a criminal law matter.

It shouldn't be that way. Consumers should be able to access an attorney, get questions answered, documents reviewd or even have access to simple legal documents without having to pay a bunch.

We offer a solution to this Justice Gap here in Virginia. It's the BenGlassLaw VIP program. It's Free. Members of our program get

  • Free Contract Review
    • Planning on signing a new lease and want an attorney to look it over? We will review family or small business contracts for you for free.
  • Free Notary Service
    • No more long lines at the bank. We will notarize your documents for free at our Fairfax office. Contact [email protected] ahead of time or call us on the VIP Hotline (703-940-9555) to make sure our notary is available.
  • Free Insurance Policy Review
    • If you get injured, will your insurance cover you? Find out ahead of time before an accident happens. Send us your car insurance policy for a review.
  • Free Inclusion in the Return Keys Program
    • Have you ever lost your keys? Ben Glass provides a Return Keys Program. Attach a registered tag to your key ring and if you ever misplace them, someone can call the number on the back to return them to you! The reward offered is on us!
  • Free 15-Minute Legal Consultations (with a real lawyer, not a paralegal or assistant)
    • Sometimes all someone needs to do is chat with a lawyer. We want to hear your story. No need to call one of those “lawyer referral companies.” If it’s not a legal matter that we handle, we will refer you to an experienced attorney who can help you.

Why do we do this? 

Two reasons:

  • We've built a very successful practice here in Northern Virginia. We have developed a reputation for helping people make great decisions about their legal issues. (Not every case needs a lawyer!) You can read reviews about BenGlassLaw here or just Google "Attorney Ben Glass reviews.
  • We know that when we do something nice for people first, they will refer their friends to us for matters that we do handle, personal injury, medical malpractice, long-term disability and criminal law matters.

Visit BenGlassLawVIP.com today to sign up. It's free.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.
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