Liberty Mutual Thought We Weren't Working

So we kicked Liberty Mutual's butt in a recent arbitration. ($45,000 offer, $265,000 award. Your results may differ. Read about it here.)

They should have sent the check immediately. This was binding arbitration with an agreement to pay with no appeal.

Instead, at 4:45 in the afternoon on the Friday before Memorial Day they fax (not call, fax) a letter to us, claiming to need a tax form from us "before we can issue a check."

Now, we beat them in another case recently and they paid us, so they got the form then and we are in their "system."

I'm sure the adjuster thought we'd all gone home and wouldn't see the fax till Tuesday, thus adding more days to the delay.


We were there.

We had the form.

We faxed it back in 5 minutes.

Maybe they'll hand deliver the check on Tuesday!

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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