When seeking a lawyer, credentials matter – especially those that reflect the attorney's dedication to his or her practice. The Virginia State Bar requires that all lawyers in practice meet a minimum continuing education requirement each fiscal year. This is one of the many factors that can help an attorney earn his or her Best Lawyers profile page and can be a sign you’ve found the right lawyer for your case.

Continuing Education as Lawyer Credentials

The minimum requirement a lawyer in Virginia must meet to remain in good standing with the Virginia State Bar is 12 hours of continuing education courses as approved by the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Board. This includes at least two hours of ethics or professionalism courses.

According to the Virginia State Bar there are more than 45,000 attorneys registered in all categories of membership, and only 29,000 are admitted to practice in Virginia. While many of those registered are since retired, you should make sure that your potential lawyer is among the 29,000 whose practice is in good standing!

Other Sources of Ongoing Legal Learning

Just like any other industry, there are legal seminars taking place constantly across the U.S. State bar associations often have annual meetings, and specific areas of law may have national conferences that provide resources to lawyers. Profile pages for these organizations show when these conferences come up and dedicated lawyers are usually quick to see these as opportunities to keep current with the latest in their area of law – or become a presenter and share their legal expertise with their peers.

Legal conferences often have special learning seminars, keynote speakers, and informational workshops designed to give attorneys more resources and training in their specific area of law. The laws are always changing, whether at the local, state or federal level, and for a lawyer to proclaim that they’re the best person to handle your case, they had better be familiar with the latest legal matters!

Is your potential attorney on the Best Lawyers’ profile page?

Be thorough when evaluating which lawyer may be best equipped to handle your case.  Ben Glass is a personal injury lawyer who has been practicing law in Virginia for close to 30 years. He is familiar with the effect that deceptive lawyer advertising can have on clients. That’s why Ben wrote The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, of which Virginia residents can request a FREE copy. Read through the book to get a better idea of what constitute valuable lawyer credentials. Call 703-584-7277.

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