Don’t trust all those lawyer ads you see on TV, and don’t call a law firm while driving just because you heard a radio commercial. Mainstream media is not the best way to find a lawyer because just like most forms of legal advertising, there’s not a lot of regulation on what image an attorney portrays in their ads.

What do all these lawyer ads really mean when they say, _____?

The X Law Firm will aggressively settle your injury case for thousands of dollars.

The Ticket Tackle Law Group promises no points, no traffic school for your DUI charge. 

Smith, Smith and Smith P.A. is the dog bite, slip and fall, wrongful death, car accident, medical malpractice, workers’ comp, child injury, catastrophic accident, brain injury, amputation, injury law firm for YOU.

What are these lawyer ads really saying? A whole lot of nothing.

Basically, a law degree means you are certified to practice law – it doesn’t mean you’re any good at it. These empty ads are just one example of how lawyers can mislead clients about their experience. TV ads and radio commercials rely heavily on words, and there are certain catchphrases that bad lawyer advertising LOVES to use. Some of my favorites are:

  • Settlements in 30 days;
  • Cash For Your Pain;
  • 100 Years’ Combined Experience;
  • Quick Settlement of Your Injury Case;
  • Aggressive Legal Representation;
  • If You Have a Phone You Have a Lawyer;
  • Aggressive, Compassionate, Experienced; and
  • We’re the Law Firm That Cares About You.

Do any of these have any real meaning for those looking for the best way to find a lawyer in Fairfax? Not unless you’re only looking for the lawyer with the catchiest TV spot or radio ad.

So what IS the best way to find a lawyer?

Again, it all comes down to putting in a little research. I can’t tell you who the best lawyer is because it’s unique to you. Your case is special, your needs your own, and an attorney that was great for your Uncle Frank may not be suited to take on your case.

Attorney ads exist because clients don’t know where to start. I wrote the book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, to help Fairfax and Virginia residents learn how to avoid bad lawyer advertising. Don’t get swayed by deceptive lawyer ads; call 703-584-7277 or visit my website to request a FREE copy.


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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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