I’ve seen plenty of lawyer ads that aren’t worth the time or effort it took to produce them. You may think a 30-second TV ad isn’t much to create, but when I look at average costs of TV advertising I wonder where these lawyers are getting all this extra money to throw at empty advertising.

The Best Way to Find a Lawyer Isn’t Expensive Advertising

Ever notice how all those lawyer ads say the same thing? Call me, call me, call me. It’s like a brewery saying, “We have great beer, drink it” – that’s really all they have to do to get you to buy some. Lawyers hope to do the same with their legal ads. Just mention who they are and what they do and you’ll hire them.

If you’re a savvy client you’ll know that a TV ad is nowhere to look for the best lawyer for your case. Anyone with enough disposable income can buy a TV spot for 30-seconds of fame.

How Costly is a TV Ad to Find a Lawyer?

Prices on TV ads are determined by many factors:

  • times the commercial is aired;
  • areas where the commercial is broadcast;
  • channels the commercial appears on;
  • number of potential viewers; and
  • cost of production.

These are just a few of the variables that go into pricing out a TV commercial. A typical local TV spot can cost a law firm a few hundred dollars, but go national or big city and you could be looking at thousands.

Those costs may come back to clients as higher legal fees. Think about it - lawyers may have to raise their fees or hourly rates if they want to continue to afford their pricey TV ads (which by the way, if you haven’t gotten it yet, lawyer ads are NOT the best way to find a lawyer).

Why I Want You to Learn the Best Way to Find a Lawyer

If clients keep going to these attorneys who don’t know of better, more cost-effective ways to attract new clients, they’re going to continue to promote bad lawyer advertising. The best way to find a lawyer is to do the research yourself. You might use lawyer ads to gather names of potential attorneys, but don’t make the decision to hire a lawyer solely on a TV commercial or billboard.

I wrote the book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, to help Fairfax and Virginia residents learn how to avoid bad lawyer ads, and you can request a FREE copy by visiting my website or calling 703-584-7277.


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