Local Fairfax Delegate Chap Petersen is written up in the Washington Post this morning as being a champion of laws that real people can understand.

Good for him. He recently voted against a new law punishing "revenge porn" because so the law was so vague no one could understand it. (An example of well - intentioned legislators just not "getting it."

Senate Minority Leader Thomas K. Norment, on the other hand, was quoted as saying he prefers his law to be "a little more amorphous."

That's just silly. Actually what we need are fewer laws but as long as the Virginia General Assembly thinks that its duty is to come up with more laws they should be clear, direct and objective.

Individuals and businesses should know, without having a judge to "interpret" the "legislative intent", just what acts are allowable and which are punishable.

Each year a ton of cash is spent on lawyers arguing the meaning of laws. Making new laws "amorphous" is great for lawyers, bad for the public at large. Its not wonder there is so little trust in government (or lawyers)

Ben Glass
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