Recently, pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami Beach, Florida.  While Florida law likely differs Virginia law in many respects, there are several alleged aggravating factors of Bieber’s case that any judge would find compelling. 

First, Bieber is under 21 years of age, therefore, unable to legally drink.  What’s more, he is also alleged to have been drunk driving while drag racing.  Both actions are dangerous in and of themselves.  To combine them will likely not bode well with prosecutors. 

As you may know, Bieber’s house was recently searched by law enforcement due to suspicion of his involvement in a destruction of property case involving his neighbor.

If I were Bieber’s attorney, publicist, family member or friend, I would make sure that he was aware of the serious risks that he’s taking.  One day, he may not be so lucky to be only arrested. 

For more about this arrest, check out the link below.  For question about Virginia DUI law, contact BenGlassLaw.

James S. Abrenio

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