Just got off the phone with a potential client. She was rear-ended an injured by a truck. GEICO is her own insurance company. The truck is insured by a different company. GEICO purportedly advised her that she should contact the truck's insurance company directly and settle her case without a lawyer because a lawyer would only cut into her recovery.

If this reported conversation is true (and the potential client sounded very credible) GEICO is basically practicing law without a license. GEICO may be right. Some cases don't need a lawyer and yes, in some minor injury cases the client can get more money by not getting a lawywer involved.

The problem is that NOBODY can make that judgment within days of an accident, with no investigation. I find it incredible that a reputable company like GEICO would give this advice to one of their own insureds. The fact is that if you have been injured you may not need a lawyer, but you darn well better get some quality legal advice before making the decision to deal with the insurance company on your own.

I challenge GEICO and all other Virginia insurance companies to make my book available to it's own insureds who are injured in a Virginia accident. Heck, I'll make it available for free. You can get a copy of the Ultimate Guide To Virginia Accident Cases here.


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